From the heights of the Himalayas to the heart of the Amazon, Daniel Bury is on a mission to experience reality from the point of view of diverse people around the world, sharing first-hand encounters with distinct cultures and communities in immersive 360-degree virtual reality.


Authentic & Organic Encounters with Diverse People

Jaw-Dropping Adventures in Virtual Reality

Along the way, experience some of the most dynamic virtual reality travel experiences that have ever been captured in 360 degree video. Hot air balloon over Bagan, hang glide over Rio de Janeiro, ride a tiny plane one meter above the Amazon, explore Machu Picchu, paraglide over the Himalayas... the list goes on!

Episode Synopses

Myanmar (Pilot)

Surrounded by ancient golden temples called pagodas as far as the eye can see, Daniel wonders what these breathtaking structures represent to the locals. After riding a hot air balloon over the ancient ruins of Bagan, Daniel boards a local train where he spontaneously meets a local man dressed in monk robes named U Kyi Thaw. He invites Daniel to his home and on a journey around the country. Daniel soon learns that U Kyi Thaw has been a revolutionary poet and freedom fighter for years, and has even spent years in prison at the hands of the military dictatorship for writing articles calling for democracy. U Kyi Thaw then brings Daniel to an underground gathering and celebration as the country officially transitions to democracy after years of struggle. Overcome with the love and friendship of the locals, Daniel begins to realize what the peaceful golden temples represent.


Daniel begins his journey at the world-renowned ruins of Machu Picchu, which kick-starts his quest to learn about ancient Inca traditions and their influence on the people of today. He ventures to Lake Titicaca to befriend the Uru people who have lived on man-made floating islands for hundreds of years. Then, he witnesses the mysterious Nazca lines from an airplane and comes face-to-face with mummifies at the Chauchilla tombs. After paragliding and zip lining above the sacred valley, he treks to ancient ruins and ‘star gates’ where Incan shamans have claimed to communicate with alternate spiritual dimensions for thousands of years. Daniel participates in a shamanic ceremony and ingests a rare, recently rediscovered plant medicine called Wilca and he undergoes an intense cosmic journey, encountering a glimpse of the sacred wisdom of the Incas for himself.


Surrounded by breathtaking 360-degree views of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and limestone cliffs, Daniel sets off on a mission to discover the lesser known side of the Philippines. First, he travels to the tropical islands of Gigantes where tourists are not common, and he discovers where local passion for American basketball exists alongside carefree island life. Then, he ventures north to tribal communities in Banau and Batad and prepares for a wedding, complete with ritualistic pig slaughtering, binge drinking local moonshine and large tribal festivities with headhunters alongside Catholic prayers. Accompanied by the local government in Manila, he rides a fire truck through the slums and speaks to the women and children who survive by scavenging for food in the garbage dump. After coming face to face with confronting poverty, he contemplates the extreme differences and dichotomies that exist throughout each layer of the Philippines.


Daniel begins at the mind-blowing Iguazu Falls before traveling to the coast to live in the beachside favela of Vidigal, a slum that is nestled alongside some of the wealthiest beachside neighborhoods of Rio De Janeiro. After hang gliding over the coast, Daniel ventures deep into the dangerous favela Complexo de Alemao, a mishmash of homes and buildings chaotically stacked atop one another and home to infamous gang violence. After soaking in the chaos of the cities, Daniel encounters the chaos of the nature when he travels deep into the Amazon jungle to the village of Alter Do Chao. Here, he makes friends who initiate an expedition into the depths of the Amazon. In the indigenous villages in the jungle, the locals use music to create beautiful order from the chaos that surrounds them. Daniel then participates in an ayahuasca ritual and discovers that he can create a greater order from the chaos of his mind. Unburdened by the restrictions of life outside Brazil, Daniel travels to the village of Santarem and soon finds himself soaring in a tiny airplane above the jungle to witness a bird’s-eye-view of the heart of the natural chaos.


Daniel begins his journey in the lakeside town of Pokhara, where large mountains loom in the distance as he explores island temples and paraglides above the Himalayan landscape. He then meets a Nepali man named Hari on a bus, and Hari suggests that they journey high into the Himalayas to the lesser known region of Rara. After hitching a ride a tiny cargo plane in an immensely dangerous flight, they trek for miles through villages before riding in the back of a crowded truck for several days. Next, Daniel accompanies his new friend to his family's home at the earthquake epicenter in Gorkha. Here, he is confronted by a community who has endured extreme suffering due to the recent natural disaster. However, the community must rebuild and move forward, and Daniel contemplates how hopeless human civilization can be when surrounded by such large shaking mountains.